Google introduces Gboard, widget and 3D touch for iOS users on its Search app

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Now Apple users can use Gboard, a keyboard for iPhone, without installing the app, because Google has integrated the app into its main iOS Search app.


This means iOS users can now search on Google and send information, GIFs, and emoji from within Google Search app without having to install the Gboard app on their iOS devices. To set up the new feature, users simply need to go to the Google Search app's settings.

"Don’t be stifled by the same old texts and smiley faces; with Gboard, expressing yourself with emoji, multiple languages and GIFs has never been easier or more fun," the company said in a blog post.

Aimed at improving mobile messaging, the Gboard app offers options to search for emoji instead of scrolling, built-in GIF search, support for glide typing, and voice transcription.



Moreover, the search giant has also introduced a new “Trending on Google” widget that will feature breaking news and other hot topics based on live trending searches across Google. The button will be promoted in iOS’s notification centre. The widget can be enabled by tapping Edit from the bottom of the Notification Center or, in a nifty trick, by using 3D Touch on the app icon.

This will display a preview of the widget along with the option to add it to your Notification Center.

Google is providing more search options through 3D Touch on the app icon, which is now also featured throughout the Search app. From here you can start a voice search, image search, go incognito, and now, a Quick Search option that takes your cursor directly to the search box faster than if you waited for the app’s main home screen to load.

The features are available in the new version of the Google Search app for iOS.

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