Google Doodle say: Thank You Coronavirus Helpers; Thanks teachers and childcare workers in the new doodle

Last week Google Doodle thanked healthcare workers, yesterday it was delivery partners and today it thanks teachers and childcare workers.

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Google Doodle says thank you to teachers and childcare workers

Today's Google Doodle represents a thank you note to teachers and childcare workers.


On Monday, Google had said it would continue the "Thank You" series over the next two weeks. The search engine giant said, “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. We’re launching a Doodle series to recognize and honour many of those on the front lines.”

Further, this series of doodle recognises the efforts that are being made by various human resources that are helping the world the disease. The series that started on April 6 began with thanking public health workers and the scientific community.

Monday and Tuesday: The Doodle thanked all health care workers, nurses. These people are working tirelessly and risking their lives to save ours.


Wednesday: Google doodle thanked and honoured the efforts put in by those working in the packaging, shipping and delivery sector.

Thursday: With the tagline, “Thank You: Food Service Workers”, the doodle depicted an endearing animated figure cooking food, while managing packages for deliveries simultaneously.

Friday: Search engine giant Google honoured all the teachers and childcare workers with an animated doodle today. The title of the doodle reads "Thank you, coronavirus helpers".


On the Google homepage, the O from google sends a heart to the teacher on E. When the heart reaches the teacher, lots of hearts come out in the air. Upon further clicking, the full image shows up where on the bottom right there is a teacher. The image showcases a teacher taking online classes through her laptop. There are a half-eaten apple and a sandwich on the table. The laptop is propped against three books.

Google Doodle Teachers

In another release, Google also said that it is taking action to keep its employees safe and to help people around the world find the information they need as the noble coronavirus continues to spread.

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