Google has donated another 50 million dollar for COVID-19 relief, totals up to $100 M

In another one of Google's contribution to the world, has announced a donation of another $50 million for COVID-19 relief.

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In another one of Google's contribution to the world, has announced a donation of $50 million for COVID-19 relief. Earlier, they had donated $50 million for Distance Learning, Health and Sciences and Economic recovery. CEO, Sundar Pichai tweeted:


The donation will go to the US Fund relief for the COVID-19 affected areas. The earlier money had been used to help SMBs and self-employed workers. Against this idea, donated money to the Silicon Valley Strong Fund, Kirkland Small Businesses Relief Fund, and Cambridge Mayoral Disaster Relief Fund in the U.S.

The fund also looks to help the nonprofit organisations that address issues like food security, care for vulnerable homeless populations, support victims of domestic violence or increase access to mental health care within their communities.


This money was also used to give direct cash to the poorest of the poor. Some of this money went to feeding the poor through these NGOs. Feeding Britain and FareShare in the UK and A Lust for Life in Ireland were the main recipients of the food-fund.

Since schools and colleges are shut down, many people rely on distance learning. The funds also helped children who couldn't attend schools. $1 million of the $50 M went to Khan Academy to reach out over 18 million affected learners every month. Some of this money will also go in helping researchers to find the COVID-19 vaccine. donates $100 million

Not only these, but Google has also sought to make a contract tracing app with Apple. It has issued initiative like Teach From Home, to help teachers teach kids. Its Doodles also serve exemplary in the messages to stay at home.