Google Cloud hires former Intel exec Diane Bryant as the COO

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Daiane Green joins Google Cloud as COO

Diane Bryant, Intel's former executive has joined Google Cloud as the new chief operating officer. Google Cloud boss Diane Green made the announcement via a blog post.


Bryant was Intel’s chief information officer before taking on the role leading the data center group, which itself generated a whopping $17 billion in revenue last year. That experience with data center technology and her great success in generating big bucks at Intel could be one of the reasons Google Cloud brought her in.

Diane Green said, "I am happy and excited to announce that Diane Bryant, former Group President at Intel, will be joining Google Cloud as our Chief Operating Officer. I can’t think of a person with more relevant experience and talents. She is an engineer with tremendous business focus and an outstanding thirty-year career in technology."

Her chip expertise can also help Google as it continues to develop its own custom silicon for artificial intelligence workloads, and her knowledge of Intel’s margins should come in handy when it’s time for Google to re-order data center processors for its cloud.

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