Google acquires cloud security firm Bitium

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Google has acquired identity management firm Bitium for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will help Google better manage enterprise cloud customer implementation across an organization, including doing things like setting security levels and access policies for applications working across their Cloud and G Suite offerings.


Bitium, founded in 2012 has been offering the solution for managing Google Apps, Office 365, social network, CRM, collaboration and marketing tools. With the acquisition, Google Cloud will "gain capabilities to help us deliver on our Cloud Identity vision," said Karthik Lakshminarayanan, Director, Product Management, G Suite and Cloud Identity, in a blog post.

It also helps Google deliver a broad portfolio of app integrations for provisioning and SSO that complements their best in class device management capabilities in the enterprise. Lakshminarayanan further added, "As we add Bitium’s capabilities, we’ll continue to work closely with our vibrant ecosystem of identity partners so that customers are able to choose the best solutions to meet their needs."

Though Bitium says that the company will support its existing customer base through the transition, it is unclear as to what will happen after the company becomes fully integrated into Google Cloud.

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