Global Capacity adds new point of presence in San Jose

New Update

CHICAGO, USA: Global Capacity, the leading network connectivity company, announced the expansion of its One Marketplace platform with a new Point of Presence (PoP) located at 9 Great Oaks Boulevard in San Jose, CA in Equinix's Silicon Valley 5 data center.


Silicon Valley is one of the most interconnected markets in the world, catering to the highest concentration of high-tech companies across the globe.

Customer demand for network connectivity is driving the new One Marketplace PoP at 9 Great Oaks Boulevard in San Jose, CA, with new interconnections established with local exchange provider and leading cable company network.

One Marketplace provides bi-directional interconnection and market-competitive opportunities for network buyers and sellers, enabling both groups to meet increased supply and demand while expanding the breadth and reach of their network capabilities. All customers within the Equinix campus in San Jose from SV1 to SV5 can now simply order a cross-connect to gain access to One Marketplace.