India's internet speed is the lowest in APAC at 4.1 Mbps

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According to Akamai Technologies' Third Quarter 2016 State of the Internet Report, India has 30 percent connections above the 4 Mbps, while the adoption of high speed broadband in India is only 6.6 percent for 10 Mbps and above and 2.6 percent for 15 Mbps and above.


In terms of 4 Mbps Broadband Adoption (IPv4), Vietnam and India enjoyed the strongest growth in the region, as adoption levels rose 23 percent and 19 percent respectively. But India is ranked 103rd globally in terms of the adoption.

The study shows that the global average connection speed has increased 2.3 percent to 6.3 Mbps in the third quarter of 2016, a 21 percent increase year over year.

While South Korea had the highest average connection speed at 26.3 Mbps in the third quarter, India had the lowest average connection speeds among surveyed countries/regions in APAC, at 4.1 Mbps.


Global 10 Mbps broadband adoption rate rose 5.4 percent quarter over quarter, and 15 Mbps and 25 Mbps broadband adoption rates increased 6.5 percent and 5.3 percent, respectively.

Global average peak connection speed increased 3.4 percent to 37.2 Mbps in the third quarter, rising 16 percent year over year. Singapore had the highest average peak connection speed at 162 Mbps in the third quarter.

Mobile Connectivity

Within the individual continental regions, UK records the highest average mobile connection speeds at 23.7 Mbps in Europe, followed by United Arab Emirates at 13.3 Mbps in MEA, and Australia at 12.8 Mbps in APAC.

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