Ginx TV acquires The Player Channel

New Update

LONDON, UK: Having recently announced launches on Virgin Media in the UK and Com Hem in Sweden, Ginx TV accelerated its presence in European TV homes by adding 19 million households to its global network, replacing Player Channel's programming with its own videogaming shows.


GINX is now available in almost all French multichannel households having signed up 13 million homes with Bouygues, Free, Numericable, Orange and SFR. The full GINX channel will also be available for the first time in over 3.5 million homes in Germany. In addition, the transaction sees GINX extending its footprint in numerous other European countries.

On the back of this distribution growth, GINX will open its doors to advertisers with specific ad-windows for the UK, France and Pan- Europe.

Michiel Bakker, Ginx TV CEO, said: "Videogaming is about to enter another golden age with the upcoming launches of next-generation gaming consoles. But even before they are here, we have seen the extraordinary success of the Grand Theft Auto V game taking over $800 million on its first day, making it the biggest entertainment release of all time. So it goes without saying that videogaming has resolutely entered the mainstream.


"GINX is dedicated to bringing the world of videogames to TV screens around the world and I am very excited to be able to announce this huge leap in our global footprint today."