Getac Brings Rugged Tablet - K120-ANSI and K120-Ex

Getac announces two new Rugged Tablets to Drive Safety and Productivity In Hazardous Industries. Fully-rugged devices combine powerful computing performance

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Getac Rugged Tablet

Getac has announced the launch of its new K120-ANSI and K120-Ex fully-rugged tablets, set to deliver unparalleled levels of safety and performance to personnel operating in hazardous working environments.


Digital transformation in the industrial sector has seen traditional paper-based systems replaced with mobile devices that feature integrated RFID readers and barcode scanners, making data collection and management much more efficient. However, the presence of flammable gases and dust in many industrial facilities creates volatile atmospheres where a single spark from an electrical device may cause a significant explosion. In order to work safely in such environments, specialist notebooks and tablets that limit electrical and thermal energy output to below dangerous levels and eliminate the risk of sparks should be utilised.

Combining power and safety

The K120-ANSI and K120-Ex combine the features of Getac’s popular K120 tablet with anti-explosive, intrinsic safety technology that fully complies with stringent US and EU regulations that govern certification of products for hazardous locations. The K120-ANSI is fully certified for use in all C1D2 hazardous areas (US) while the K120-Ex is fully certified for use in all Zone 2/22 hazardous areas (EU). K120-Ex is also IECEx certified, which is accepted in a number of countries in Asia Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India. The results are two versatile new tablets that can be used to perform key tasks in a wide range of challenging and hazardous environments around the world.


“As digital transformation continues to drive major changes throughout sectors such as oil & gas, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, the need for devices that can operate efficiently in every corner of the plant, rig, refinery or factory is becoming increasingly important,” says Rick Hwang, President of Rugged Business Unit at Getac Technology Corporation. “With the K120-ANSI and K120-Ex, employees will be able to work in hazardous environments with full confidence, knowing they are protected by the latest intrinsic safety design technology and features.”

Powerful and versatile in all conditions

The K120-ANSI and K120-Ex feature an 8th generation Intel® Core i5 and i7 Quad-core CPU for maximum performance, even when using multiple applications simultaneously. A 12.5” full HD widescreen display offers ultimate versatility, while LumiBond™ sunlight readable technology with rain and glove touch capability ensures screen visibility (1200nits of brightness) and productivity in even the most extreme conditions.


Built rugged from the ground up

Industrial facilities are tough on equipment, which is why the K120-ANSI and K120-Ex meet MIL-STD-810G military durability standard and IP65 for water and dust resistance. In addition, they boast drop resistance of up to 1.8 meters (six feet) and remain fully operational in temperatures ranging from -21°C to +63°C.


The new K120-ANSI and K120-Ex will be available for purchase globally from today onwards.

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