How to get rid of the LinkedIn Stories? Use these tips.

Are you annoyed with the new feature that rolled out yesterday by LinkedIn? Here's what you can do to get rid of the LinkedIn Stories.

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How to get rid of the LinkedIn Stories? Use these tips.

Just yesterday, LinkedIn launched its stories feature. Although most of the professional community has welcomed the feature, there are some who disapprove the story feature. The LinkedIn Stories enable members and organizations to share images and short videos of their everyday professional moments. As per the professional connection site, the new feature will help "build meaningful relationships with your professional community". Like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn Stories will stay up for 24 hours, too.


But, they are rather annoying. Imagine having 10,000 connections and having to watch over 1000s of stories every day? Very annoying. Currently, the feature is only available to members and LinkedIn Pages in certain countries. But is they bring traction, people are going t use it more and more, adding up to the time wasted, rather than spent on LinkedIn.

Here's what you can do to get rid of the LinkedIn Stories

Yes, you can do that, and save some space on your phone too. Download the LinkedIn Lite App. The feature is still unavailable on the Lite App and you can make good use of it. Although the features there are similar, you may face some discrepancies. But it is rather useful than trying to go through a 1000s of stories.


Also, you can use the webpage. The website, too, does not have the feature as it is only available on the mobile app.

How to use LinkedIn Stories on your mobile app?

1. Creating a Story – An individual profile or LinkedIn Page Admin can create and post a Story using images and videos.


2. Viewing a Story – LinkedIn members can view Stories created by connections and people and Pages they follow.

What not to do with LinkedIn Stories?

The feature is to build a better community presence and to have better visibility. Do not use the feature to socialise in any way but professionally. Keep the space relevant, and don't personal or post private moments. Further, don't post inappropriate content or spam the feed with personal products or service.

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