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publive-imageNEW DELHI, INDIA: Year 2008 was great for Genpact despite the gloom and doom of the economy. Even the lackluster fourth quarter was productive for Genpact with five new customers getting added to its client roster.


Invensys, Ceridian, Hyatt Shared Services Center, are a few of those customers that selected Genpact as a partner during the first three quarters of the last year. Also, the company’s 85 per cent revenue comes from its existing customers.

"The things which make us stand out as a BPO player are - processes expertise to provide end-to-end services across various industries, ability to drive business value by leveraging our technological and analytical capabilities, and operational excellence driven by Six Sigma, Lean and re-engineering," said Pramod Bhasin, CEO, Genpact.

Delivery network, which is known as a critical factor that providers use to allure global customers, is not something which Genpact would like to flaunt about because "everybody has got a global presence now," according to Bhasin.

Top 10 Service Providers: BPO

1.  Genpact

2.  WNS Global Services

3.  Sitel Worldwide

4.  Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide

5.  Convergys

6.  Firstsource Solutions

7.  Sutherland Global Services

8.  EXL Service

9.  24/7 Customer

10. SPi Technologies

Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

The company sees this recessionary environment as a platform for new opportunities.


"This is the right time to acquire talent, especially in the U.S. and the U.K., and I would like to shift my focus there," he said. Of the total 36,200 full-time employees at Genpact (as of December '08), most are seated in the region of Asia Pacific (India, China and the Philippines).

"The market is tougher than ever before. However, opportunities for providers like us are no less. In fact, we have been noticing double digit growth; and it’s going to grow," added Bhasin.

"The biggest benefit that we get is when we partner with those customers who expect us to drive business value for their business capabilities," said Tiger Tyagarajan, chief operating officer, Genpact, while reacting over the win. But "the journey is not complete. For large corporations, there is always a large scale to be tapped".

Top 10 Service Providers: FAO

1.  Genpact

2.  WNS Global Services

3.  Affiliated Computer Services

4.  Outsource Partners International

5.  Infosys Technologies

6.  Ocwen Financial Corporation

7.  MphasiS

8.  Cambridge Solutions

9.  Wipro Technologies

10. HOV Services

Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

Interestingly, Genpact’s process capabilities range from FAO, BPO to ITO services, of which BPO and FAO are the areas that the industry is aware of. " because of our heritage. We started as a BPO company, and we started offering BPO services first, and then we added IT as a separate business,” said Tiger Tyagarajan.


“So it’s because we also had a very strong linkage to Lean and Six Sigma - people associate those as processes. Also, 80 per cent of our business is process and analytics, and the rest is IT. So when you have a combination of history where you started with what you were known for and, of course, the size, people associate with you that way," he added. 

"When our customers look at our IT capabilities and when they mix it with our processes, those bonds are very strong. These are the customers whose previous engagements 9with other providers) failed. And, they failed because their team didn’t know how to implement IT and processes,” according to Tiger.

publive-image“And when we offer them such clubbed services, which they didn’t get previously, that experience is great," said Tiger when asked about the company’s future wins in the ITO category of Global Services 100. "We’ll get there one day," he is optimistic.

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