Future of AI: What to expect?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzz word in 2018, with myths like it can replace humans. However, it is a machine with intelligence that can perform tasks, in other words, it can simulate human cognitive function. According to PwC by 2030 AI could bump up the global GDP by $15.7 trillion or a 14% increase. Also, AI would raise employment by 10 per cent.

The intelligent machines are making our lives easier, whether you love Siri or Alexa, both have intelligence that is improving day-by-day. It’s not only about smartphones, AI also has a great impact on various industries. We spoke to industry experts to understand the future of AI.

Future of AI: Automated Transport

According to Arush Sogani, Director, Sysnet Global Technologies – So, what do you think about the future of artificial intelligence? Can it solve world hunger or bring human peace?

Let’s find out what the future of artificial intelligence holds.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a technology where machines show intelligence, but not at the par of human beings (at least for now), but their evolution will surprise you on how strikingly similar they can be to humans. Some robots mimic human emotions with fair accuracy.

The recent Google I/O 2018 conference demonstrated one of the amazing tech innovations this year. Google’s AI sounds that can make calls similar to a human being. Should we be worried? For now, maybe not.

When it comes to the future of AI, there are infinite possibilities. AI can transform every single industry, especially education and transport.

In the future, we will see a huge impact on automated transport. As humans, we are fragile and make mistakes when it comes to driving. Automated driving and transport mean that there will be far fewer accidents. Transport systems will also flourish, giving industries the ability to save money, possibly in millions.

Another way we can see AI evolving in the future is how it can be used in conjunction with our brains. Augmentation is a hot topic, however, we have not done anything substantial in that field, but the future looks promising. After all, improved human intelligence is always welcome. Researchers are already positive when it comes to AI augmentation in the future.

Dangerous jobs will be a thing of the past. There will still be hazardous jobs in the future, but AI will take over many of them. AI doesn’t understand the pain and can be reassembled if destroyed. This opens up a lot of possibilities including scenarios such as bomb defusing. They can also be equally useful in chemical factories or factories where workers have to work in harsh conditions. The current generation of AI has to evolve more if they want to be used for these kinds of jobs.

AI can be used to solve an array of problems associated with our current environment. With increasing processing power, AI, in conjunction with data science and other technologies, can possibly solve issues such as climate change, natural calamities prediction, and so on. Even though it might take a long time before we reach that point, this is still a possibility.

Last, but not the least, is a possibility of AI as friends. There are already companies that are trying to build a robot that can act as a full-time companion to humans. This way, healthcare could also be improved.

Future of AI: Online Video Consumption

Aravind Tambad, Head of Growth & BD, Charmboard talked about online video consumption and shoppabilities – In the near future, artificial intelligence is going to massively disrupt the way in which we consume online videos. Up until now, videos have only been explored in a unidirectional way. However, with the introduction of AI in the discipline, another dimension will be added that would enable content and product discovery.

We have already started witnessing its genesis, with ZEE5 enabling shoppability on their digital platform, providing their 47 million monthly active users to experience the same while enjoying popular content like Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya.

By enabling shoppable videos, product manufacturers will also receive insights into upcoming trends, and content producers of moments that registered high user interest, by analysing the moments saved by the users. The same will help usher us into a more relevant, contextual, and optimized world, with AI being the driving force behind this transformation.

Rajan Navani, Managing Director and CEO, JetSynthesys shares his thoughts – The future of AI is unpredictable at best, because the possibilities with this technology are endless. The distant future of AI will probably look like something out of a Tom Cruise sci-fi movie, and the near future would see self-driving vehicles, automated traffic signals and even smarter assistants. With advancements that are being made today on NLS (natural language systems), deep learning and speech recognition technology, the communication between human and machine is only going to get more sophisticated to the point that your AI assistants would be able to understand and anticipate your requirements in a more precise manner. This development in AI will lead to the optimal use of technology in every industry, from medical, to agriculture and transportation. I would say the Future IS AI.

Future of AI: Healthcare Advancements

Sukanya Mandal, IEEE Member and Data Science Professional said that “In 2018 we have seen a massive hype for Artificial Intelligence. It was the buzzword everywhere. In the coming years, this hype will subside and we will see a more stringent AI strategies being implemented within organizations. There is definitely going to be a demand for the right skills however, organizations will focus on upskilling their own resources rather than trying to hire talent from outside. This would be cost saving and more effective as AI is here to help people not steal their jobs. As a matter of fact, there will be a skill shift with AI being used to tackle the low-level jobs and human workforce focusing on more important and high-level tasks.”

She further added “In recent years, we have seen some major breakthroughs of AI in various domains. This trend will continue in the future causing breakthroughs in domains like healthcare especially in terms of precision medicines, surgery etc. ; privacy and security – with blockchain leading to decentralization; AI will empower smart cities leading to more efficient urban analytics and hence enhanced city life. The XR industry paired with AI has the potential to make major breakthroughs especially in surgery, telemedicine, retail, finance and real estate. Although this will take some time, but in the coming years we will definitely see some advancements. All in all, in the immediate future we will see the AI trend to grow with its implementation in various verticals leading to some noteworthy innovations!”

Future of AI: Real-time interaction management

According to Suman Reddy Eadunuri, MD, Pegasystems India – Real-time interaction management (RTIM) reaches a tipping point: The early adopters of AI in RTIM are driving massive returns on their investments. But most organizations have remained skeptical, and early adopters have kept their cards close to the vest, guarding their competitive advantage. This year, their secrets will escape, and a new wave of firms will become RTIM’searly majority, stoking its growth. Any business not leveraging this purpose-built AI for customer engagement will feel the pressure to jump in to stay competitive.



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