Fujitsu launches Cloud IoT Platform in Japan

|June 10, 2015 0

TOKYO: Fujitsu has announced the immediate start of sales in Japan of Fujitsu Cloud IoT Platform, a new platform service for utilizing IoT data over digital business platforms, based on Fujitsu Knowledge Integration.

What is Fujitsu Cloud IoT Platform?
This is a dedicated platform service for building and providing on Fujitsu’s public cloud the complete range of functions needed for the IoT. The IoT Platform incorporates distributed service platform technology from Fujitsu Laboratories, and is to be steadily enhanced with cutting-edge technologies and functions based on the knowledge and know-how gained from PoB and PoC.



1) High-speed processing of massive data, optimized performance:
The distributed service platform technology makes it possible to process reliably and in real time large volumes of data gathered from sensors by using only a few percentages of the computing resources that would otherwise be needed, even in environments where data volumes fluctuate dramatically.

Conventionally, data is either aggregated in the cloud in real time or it is processed at the gateway near to the information source, then only the results are aggregated in the cloud. This made it difficult to process data in real time even though it was kept in stable storage. In this service, a centralized management function built on the cloud takes network-monitoring information from gateways equipped with specialized applications and by dynamically distributing data processing, optimizes overall system performance.

In terms of multi-platforms, in addition to Fujitsu’s own products, support will be steadily made available for the gateways of business partners (Intel IoT Gateway, and others), as well as for various smart devices.

2) Supports a variety of sensors and devices:
In addition to conventional HTTP-REST, support for the lightweight MQTT protocol for IoT comes standard, for low battery drain and a lighter communications burden, enabling use of a wide range of sensors and devices. The service also has flexible support for adding or reconfiguring sensors.

3) Collected data can be used safely by multiple organizations:
A custom dashboard lets users set access privileges for sensor-data records. This provides more fine-grained data control than typical disk- or file-level privileges, to maintain security while letting customers use their data as best fits their business.

4) Supports UBIQUITOUSWARE connectivity:
Fujitsu plans to offer functions for connecting this service to the core modules of the company’s IoT package Fujitsu IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE, as well as various middleware, during 2015. The connectivity will make it possible for the raw data from equipment and devices equipped with UBIQUITOUSWARE to be analyzed. The results containing information such as a person’s condition and position will be uploaded to this service, with optimized traffic and systems configurations for better overall optimization.

The target audience:
The IoT platform is a service for building and providing features for efficient and real time utilization of enormous amounts of sensor data from people and things, over Fujitsu’s public cloud.

The new service will make it possible for customers to quickly develop lines of business using IoT while holding down costs.

Fujitsu said that it has been running pilots of the new platform from March 2015 on the production line of Fujitsu I-Network Systems Limited’s (FINET) Yamanashi plant, and services and products that utilize the knowledge gained from this are scheduled to be offered from August. Targeted at the logistics industry, Fujitsu will also implement field trials on the analyses at retail sites.

Fujitsu is also strengthening its partnerships by taking an equity stake in IQP Corporation (IQP), which creates easy-to-use development tools for IoT applications.

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