Fujitsu enhances Eternus disk storage range

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Fujitsu enhancements to its entry-level Eternus disk storage range, including management software, a new Eternus DX90 model featuring storage-based replication capabilities, and the availability of space- and energy-saving base units for use with 2.5-inch drives.


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As part of Fujitsu’s Dynamic Infrastructures, the new Eternus SF Express management software simplifies operation and maintenance across the full range of Fujitsu Eternus DX entry-level disk storage systems.

The software is targeted especially at small and medium-sized businesses, which often do not have a dedicated IT support specialist on staff, but still need to ensure that their data is properly protected.


EternusSF Express management software enables the monitoring and management of multiple Eternus DX systems via just one centralized console. In addition, Eternus SF Express manages advanced copy functions for snapshots and clones.

Data replication with Eternus DX90

A new Eternus DX90 model, also introduced today, adds storage-based data replication capabilities to Fujitsu’s entry-level disk storage system line-up. Replicating data asynchronously or synchronously to a second Eternus DX90 provides greater peace-of-mind and is ideal for companies considering disaster recovery or business continuity measures.

Eternus DX disk storage range come in the form of additional fibre channel base models that support 2.5-inch disk drives in addition to standard 3.5-inch models.

These smaller drives minimize system footprint and reduce overall system power consumption. The alternative models of Eternus DX60, DX80 and DX90 offer higher storage density, packing in up to 24 2.5-inch SAS HDDs per 2U-rack height module, each with a 300 GB or 146 GB capacity.

To further enhance performance, these can be mixed with up to nine high-performance solid state drives (SSD), each with a 100 GB or 200 GB capacity. These base units for the smaller drives are available immediately for Eternus DX60 and DX80 fibre channel attached models, and will be available for Eternus DX90 in spring 2010.