Frontier Silicon digital radio chip targets smart devices and global markets

New Update

LONDON, UK: Frontier Silicon announces details of Chorus 4, its fourth generation digital radio chip. Chorus 4 is a single-chip solution, which integrates four previously separate chips to deliver significant cost and energy savings.


The chip is designed to encourage the continued advance of digital radio around the world by supporting all major global digital radio standards. Chorus 4 provides solutions for multiple devices, including consumer radios, automotive aftermarket and, for the first time, smartphones and tablets.

The key features and benefits of Chorus 4 are:

* Low cost, single chip solution.

* Ultra-low power consumption.

* Multiple solutions for all types of audio device.

* Automotive aftermarket.

* Smart devices.

* Bluetooth connectivity.

* Integrated service guides.

* Multiple radio standards.

Frontier Silicon CEO, Anthony Sethill, said: "Chorus 4 represents a step change for digital radio. Our fourth generation chip offers enhanced functionality, lower cost and significantly greater energy efficiency. Chorus 4 will power multiple devices, including low-cost automotive adapters and devices with Bluetooth connectivity. For the first time, digital radio in mass-deployment smartphones is a viable proposition. As a multi-standard chip, Chorus 4 addresses emerging opportunities around the world."