From glasses to pencils, Apple seems to be busy with many secret projects

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Not all accidents are damaging, some could be good too. Like the one that happened with regard to the most secretive company in the tech world, Apple. An incident report was sent mistakenly to hundreds of Apple employees by Environment Health and Safety contractor working for Apple, revealing some interesting projects, the company may launch in the future.


As per Gizmodo, the report which is titled “Impact Descriptions Reported in from Last Month, includes over 70 different incidents ranging everything from trivial employees' reports after running into a door, seeking medical attention and testing new Apple products.

"The report includes information on the date and location of the incidents—which range from reports of workplace hazards like spills and fires to injuries sustained while on campus—and the level of care provided to the injured person if any was required."

We are sharing one such example here. “After BT4 user study, user advised study lead, that she experienced discomfort in her eye and said she was able to see the laser flash at several points during the study. Study lead referred her to an optometrist and secured prototype unit for analysis.”


This particular incident re-ignites speculations about Apple's fabled Glass program. And apparently, it also confirm rumours that the Apple Glass is still at least an year away from launch.

The report also mentions Apple Pencils. "Employee was opening a box of used Apple Pencils in . As soon as she opened the box, a strong odour emanated from within the box. The employee, who is familiar with lithium battery odours', identified two Pencils as the odor source. She suspected the Pencils were leaking electrolyte."

Additionally it also mentioned about employees getting injured during the course of various duties. One of the employees was also stuck by a minivan (supposedly one which collects data for Apple’s self-driving car project), while another suffered a swollen toe from dropping something on it. We wonder what the Cuppertino giant is cooking? But we are super-excited.

We will keep you posted with more updates on this.

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