FotoHub launches Singapore's first HD PhotoBook

The 2400 x 1200 dpi PhotoBook offers customers vibrant colour, more print options and sharper text

Sonal Desai
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SINGAPORE:, a provider of photo prints and photo books in Singapore has launched the country’s first high definition PhotoBook.


The e-tailer will deploy the first DreamLabo 5000 production inkjet printer which will enable FotoHub to provide 2400x1200 dpi high definition (HD) print services for its customers.

Enabling this endeavor is Canon's DreamLabo 5000.

FotoHub's purchase of the Canon DreamLabo comes at an opportune time as it seeks to modernize and reinvent its business to meet the needs of the customers and achieve sustainable growth.


Besides the HD PhotoBook and prints, the company also plans to use the printer to support the high-end printing needs of its corporate customers including production of books, calendars and print-on-demand items such as bespoke photobooks.

"Our mission is to provide best quality services to our customers through constant enhancement and innovation, and the acquisition of Canon DreamLabo 5000 will fulfill our goal of extending our print services into the high definition arena," said Eric Tan, CEO,

“We are observing a trend of more customers seeking solutions which enable them to tell stories with the photos they take, and demanding true high-definition quality print. For example, young parents, couples getting married and professional photographers are looking to PhotoBooks as platforms to preserve their memories," he said.

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