Forensic tool by Cellebrite enters Indian mkt

New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Cellebrite, a developer and provider of mobile data forensic solutions, announced that it is offering the latest addition to its UFED Series: UFED Link Analysis, in India.


The UFED Link Analysis tool, as explained there, analyses data from many mobile phones simultaneously compared to existing solutions which allow analysis of a single device. Using this comprehensive information, law enforcement, military, private, and corporate investigators can rapidly visualize key relationships between suspects and identify important patterns and anomalies.

This could not only generate leads to shorten investigations, but also provide investigators accurate, actionable context to potentially prevent a crime, apprehend a suspect or rescue a victim, as it adds.

"The more we can do in the field to identify leads and cut short criminal operations, the faster we can complete our investigations," said Dan Morrissey, commander of the Intelligence Operations Group of the Sacramento County Sheriff's IMPACT anti-gang task force. "We routinely find suspects and crime scenes with multiple phones. We need a quick but thorough way to see whether relationships exist between their users, and if so, to what extent. UFED Link Analysis has that capability, so it's a huge advantage to the way we work."