Focus 5 for HPE India

Five focus areas for Neelam Dhawan, VP & GM, Enterprise Group, and Country Managing Director, HPE India

Sonal Desai
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MUMBAI, INDIA: As Hewlett-Packard (HP) officially split into two—Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), and HP Inc, the initial euphoria has set-in.


While we believe that it is too early to comment on numbers, here are five focus areas for Neelam Dhawan, VP & GM, Enterprise Group, and Country Managing Director, HPE India, in no particular order.

Internal transformation: Dhawan said the split will help the company to:

•    Take quicker decisions

•     Transform the hybrid use of cloud facilities

•    Perfect the digital transformation of enterprises

•    Empower a data-driven organization

•    Enable a workplace where productivity will be enhanced


“Customers are looking for solutions to solve new complex problems. IT companies should approach this in different perspective and there is a growing business to business approach in this regard. The split will give a mandate to bring in new dynamism in the business landscape by focusing on innovation,” she said.

New age companies: According to Dhawan, the business landscape is changing with the emergence of new age companies which is redefining the IT spend also.

Since cloud, mobility and analytics are changing the way enterprises work, the need for transformational projects has increased.


“They are not merely using IT efficiently but they are using IT differently. Their go-to market strategy is very short timed also. We want to be a partner in this changing business model with new IT solutions. In lieu with these demands, HPE will focus on transformation projects, on cyber-security, data analytics and workplace productivity in India.”

"We have benefited from the 4G rollout, from banks refreshing their systems, from e-tailing and from analytics," Dhawan said.

Further the company plans to open an innovation hub in India that will assist start-ups to scale their operations.


"We will help start-ups with technology, expertise in architecting solutions, and application testing," Dhawan said.

Traditional businesses: Apart from start-ups, the $53 billion tech major will focus on traditional banks, telecom companies, retailers and manufacturing companies to add to growth.

Announcing that  HPE will not make any significant change to the partner ecosystem, it is encouraging existing partners continue to work towards their respective service lines such as PCs, servers, storage, security and cloud computing.


Dhawan said that HPE is expecting to increase its India business 50 percent this year, on the back of growth driven by orders from new-age businesses and government projects.

Government projects: Digital India and smart cities are large projects and coupled with the growth amongst start-ups, both established and new, will fuel growth, Dhawan said.

In the Indian domestic market, HP competes with Dell, IBM and others in a market that is estimated to reach $73.3 billion by the end of this year, according to Gartner.

Recruitment: In a bid to meet its objectives, HPE is planning to recruit graduates from campuses.

She said, “We are expecting the demand will go up as there is growing domestic demand. We need a mix of people with more young talent to take on the emerging business segment. So campus hiring will be more this year. We will also re-skill existing staff to take on challenges.”

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