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When the future of aviation was deserted, Singapore Airshow quenched hope. The biggest known aviation show declared the growing technology showcased forums and exhibition solely on this topic.


How about printing a plane?

Sounds Interesting. No? But this is soon going to be the reality of aviation. Airbus A350, the commercial aircraft is getting its faults fixed by 3D printing. More than 1,000 parts are made by 3D printing.

“It is already happening but on a smaller scale. We’ll expect more interests from other sectors as well” Said Elyon, General manager of Stratasys in Southern Asia and Pacific. She also said that 3D printed planes are 30-55 percent lighter and use 90 percent less raw materials compared to traditional method. On questing “Can we 3D print a whole plane?” “Still a wild dream at the moment”, replied Eylon.


Get multi-entertained while traveling

Along with seatback monitor, you will be provided a smartphone, which will work like a remote with intuitive navigation.

This feature will let premium travelers do multi-tasking. You can watch a movie on your main monitor and at the same time you can browse other movies and check their rating on flight smartphone.


Eye control sensor

The Eye-tracking technology is the most interesting feature to be enjoyed in this plane, i.e. the monitors will be controlled by eye movements. Just like the eye control sensor work on your smartphone, your seatback monitor will work the same way. The moment you shift your eyes from the screen, the sensor will command the screen and the video will be paused till you look back on your monitor. We can expect to see the technology in five to seven years, says Giaime Porcu, media relations officer of for aviation technology firm Thales.

“All in One” App


Gone are the days when you will have to take the pain and install a different app for every airport you visit. All you need is a single app working according to your location and need, with Bluetooth beacon support. One such app is already in the process of developing. This app will help you out with resolving all your airport issues, from check in process to track luggage, under a single roof.

“If your baggage is lost, your app will be able to tell – and you don’t have to find out at the baggage carousel.” Said by Ilya Gutlin, Asia Pacific president of SITA. In fact, Miami international airport was the first to install Bluetooth beacon feeding data which let you updated about your baggage, explore food outlets etc

VR doesn’t limit to smartphone

When the world is sparing pilots, Singapore technology is going way ahead by training the pilots by Virtual Reality Headset. Pilot students were asked to wear goggles and the VR headset will work just like a stimulator. By listening to automated instructions, they will operate aircraft by monitor sensors. Hence, pilots can be trained anywhere with the help of laptop and VR headset. VR training will not bring space and mobility constraints.

Next time you see a plane, you can rejoice anticipating the future.

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