Fluke empowers EtherScope Network Assistant

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Fluke Networks has announced new capabilities for the company's EtherScope Network Assistant that helps value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators (SIs) in expanding their network installation business.


The EtherScope analyzer's new capabilities will them install, validate and document LAN installations faster and at a lower cost.

Validating LAN performance during installation is made possible by EtherScope’s new Service Performance tool that can be utilized to demonstrate and document network services critical for acceptable LAN operations.

Such documentation may be a client requirement, or the installer may use this feature to differentiate his service from the competition. Validation and the resulting documentation provide assurance that the LAN will perform as designed, resulting in robust network operation, fewer trouble tickets and more satisfied users and clients.

The EtherScope Network Assistants is available at Fluke Networks’ sales partners worldwide. All EtherScope Network Assistants shipped after April 28 will include new version 4 software.