Flockport Announces New Container Platform for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

Flockport announced New platform for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. It is designed to simplify cloud migration and accelerate application deployment

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Flockport announced a new container platform for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. The new platform is designed to simplify application migration and deployment. Containers abstract away the host and make applications portable. You can move entire applications and workloads across servers seamlessly.


Traditionally applications have been deployed on virtual machines or VMs. Containers can ease migration from VM workloads to the Cloud and prevent lock-in to cloud providers. However their potential remains unrealised.

Existing platforms are developer-centric and introduce constraints. They do not allow a seamless transition of workloads from VMs thus adding costs and complexity to deployments.

Speaking on the launch, Indrajit Banerjee, co-founder of Flockport said “Enterprise are increasingly adopting a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy and containers are the perfect vehicle to address this use case. While Devops is targeted at developers the real story for containers is in deployment and Flockport offers a comprehensive platform that showcases the true power and flexibility of containers.”


Flockport's new platform is focused on simplicity, ease of use and seamless migration to the cloud.

Standard OS Environment

Flockport supports standard Linux containers. They provides a standard OS environment for applications with support for proper process management. It doesn't enforce the use of layers or introduce storage constraints. This enables the seamless migration of applications from VMs without the need for any customization or expensive re-engineering. Applications can be migrated as is.


Simplified Management

Flockport's new management platform engine allows users to provision servers, build networks and deploy applications across servers at a fraction of the effort. Users can for the first time build advanced networks and deploy sophisticated service discovery, load balancing and high availability services with a few commands.

New Application Packaging System

Flockport's new application packaging system lets users define and automate application deployment. The Flockport App Store is powered by the new application packaging system and lets users package and deploy applications effortlessly.

The new platform opens up a whole new layer of flexibility for application deployment. Containers can completely change the way applications are deployed and are uniquely positioned to transform the industry.

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