Flipkart's 'Budding Star Programme' encourages employees to pursue their passion

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CIOL- Flipkart's 'Budding Star Programme' encourages employees to pursue their passion

Flipkart has launched a financial assistance program- 'Budding Star' to help its employees participate in any national or international challenge pertaining to their field of interest.


There is only one eligibility criterion for the Budding Star programme- employment at Flipkart for at least six months and those shortlisted — based on evaluation by an internal company panel — will get up to Rs 3 lakh in assistance.

“Giving people who are passionate and talented such an opportunity while working at Flipkart will definitely make them happy employees. Happy employees at a workplace contribute towards productivity but also influence people around them,” said Satheesh K V, Director of Total Rewards at Flipkart.

The program will cover all national and international sports and non-sports competitions recognized by government authorities. But it will not support regional or state-level competitions and leisure or tourist activities.


The first employee to receive the assistance is a long-time mountaineer who has been working at Flipkart for more than three years. “Next year she is going on an expedition to the Everest. The assistance shall be used for the purchase of equipment,” Satheesh adds.