Fitbit launches Ace, a smartwatch for kids at $100

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Fitbit launches a smartwatch for kids named Fitbit Ace

Kids' safety in today's times is a major concern for parents. To tackle that issue up to some extent, Fitbit, the smartwatch maker, has launched a new smartwatch for kids called Fitbit Ace, which will go on sale for $99.95 in the second quarter. The smartwatch is aimed at kids aged eight and up.


The smartwatch has pretty much similar functionality as the previous smartwatches from the company. The Fitbit Ace can automatically track steps, monitor active minutes, and remind kids when to move when they are still for too long. The smartwatch will encourage kids to achieve their goals by rewarding them with celebratory messages and fun, collectable badges, which can be seen in the Fitbit app on their phone.

The Fitbit Ace comes with a 5-day battery life and the shockproof band can withstand splashes and spills. The Fitbit Ace comes in two colour variants- Power Purple and Electric Blue. The smartwatch also offers 10 unique clock faces. Considering Fitbit always brings smartwatches for adults or the working people, Fitbit Ace has come as a sweet surprise for everyone.

Apart from the Fitbit Ace, the wearable brand also launched Fitbit Versa- a wearable Fitbit which the company is tagging as "smart watch for everyone". The Versa will be available for $199, while the special limited editions will retail for $229. The company announced an update to the Fitbit OS on its Ionic and Versa watches. Fitbit OS 2.0 will add the ability to reply to message notifications directly from the watch as well as personalized fitness stats or graphs directly on the watch.

Next up, Fitbit will add tools to the Fitbit app as well as its smartwatch lineup to help women track their menstrual cycle and overall health. The tracker will monitor days of the menstrual cycle, estimate fertile windows, and monitor additional aspects of a woman's reproductive health.

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