Fitbit to end support for Pebble Watches by the end of June' 18

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Fitbit to end support for Pebble Watches by end of June' 18

Fitbit has announced an extension for the Pebble Smartwatches which it acquired in late 2016. The company announced in a blog a six-month extension (until June 30, 2018)is given to the users of Pebble smartwatches.


After June 30, 2018, Pebble devices and mobile apps will continue to work, but key features and services will shut down, including the Pebble app store, Pebble forum, voice recognition, SMS and email replies, timeline pins from third-party apps, and the CloudPebble development tool.

Fitbit's Joseph Kristoffer wrote, "There will be no further updates to Pebble's mobile apps for iOS and Android."

Additionally, if you decide to trade in the old Pebble for a shiny new Fitbit, you won't have to pay full price for your new wearable. Fitbit will be offering Pebble owners a $50 discount on its Ionic smartwatch this spring. To register for the discount, head here. Note that you'll need to provide your Pebble's 12-character serial number, which is printed on the back of the watch, to receive the discount. You can also locate the serial number by navigating to Select > Settings > System > Information on your device.