Fiorano unveils JMS-compliant messaging server

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Fiorano Software, a provider of enterprise class business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology, on Monday announced that it has launched FioranoMQ 9.3, the latest version of its JMS-compliant messaging server.


FioranoMQ 9.3 includes enhanced .NET support for logging and client-side persistence, simplifying the development of .NET clients over the platform, said a press release. Additional optimizations in the product boost performance for both pub/sub and point-to-point applications in a secure environment.

Countering recent claims by IBM about its middleware performance, Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano stated that his company had long been the leader of the pack, with independently benchmarked performance far exceeding that of IBM WebsphereMQ and Sun (Oracle).

He added that peak performances for FioranoMQ exceeds 95,000 messages per second for publish/subscribe messaging in closed benchmark testing.


“For messaging middleware used in critical applications in financial services, telecommunications and retail among other industries, Fiorano outperforms IBM by a factor of between five to twenty times for both persistent and non-persistent messaging,” Saini said.

“IBM’s self proclaimed “dominance” in the middleware business is less about innovation and has been based, for the most part, on keeping many customers including most large global banks locked into a proprietary API designed in the mid-90’s,” he added.

The company claimed that FioranoMQ is the world’s first grid-enabled, peer-to-peer JMS messaging platform with unbounded scalability and unparalleled ease-of-management via JMX standards.

The technology seamlessly integrates heterogeneous IT systems, improving operational efficiency, business agility and performance.