Hacking or Data Leaks: How to file a complaint on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal?

Once someone reports a complaint on the cyber crime reporting portal, law enforcement agencies and police check the case with the available information.

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As India is rapidly developing on the pillars of technology, many Indians in the recent past have faced cyber crime or security issue. Take, for instance, Harshita Kejriwal, the daughter of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. She fell prey (twice) to an online money scam. Moving a little back in time, NDTV veteran Nidhi Razdan fell prey to a phishing attack for a Harvard job. Many organisations in the past have seen data leaks. Not to mention frauds, personal photo leaks, etc with people all over India that goes unaccounted for. Thus, with the population of the country, hackers and scammers can target anyone and get away with it.


Thus, this dedicated cyber crime reporting portal by the Government of India facilitates victims and complainants to report cyber crime complaints online. This portal caters to complaints about cybercrimes only. Further, it especially focuses on cybercrimes against women and children. Once someone files/reports a complaint on this portal, law enforcement agencies and police check the case with the available information. But still, the main question is, how do you file a complaint?

How to file a complaint on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal?

Any person who has faced a cybercrime in India can file a complaint with the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. This includes theft, harassment, fraud, identity theft, selling stolen goods, drug dealing, etc. These crimes can be increased with the help of the Internet. Other complaint reasons can include unauthorized access (hacking), malicious software programming (malware) or a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS).


You can file an offline complaint in the nearest police station or on the government portal. To file a complaint with the portal, you need to visit the official website. If the victim or complainant reports the crime related to women or children, they have two ways to register the complaint. When you visit the website, you can report the crime anonymously or otherwise. The former does not allow you to track your report.

While reporting the crime, you will need to provide the following details: About the incident, what kind of cybercrime, date and time of the incident, state and district, platform where the incident occurred (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc), evidence like images, videos, documents or link to CP/RGR content, suspect’s details like name, email, driving license, mobile number, PAN Card, etc.

Further, you can also add other necessary details that you think will help the investigation of the crime in the description column. Once you have successfully registered the complaint, you can download the PDF of the complaint from the portal. The victim/complainant of cybercrime with a woman or children can also report the crime by providing their legit information. This way, they can track the status of the complaint by logging in through his/her complaint ID.


If you are not able to report right away, you can reach out to the Grievance Officer of your area. Further, you can call on the Helpline Number - 155260.

About National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is one of the components of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre. Established by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government of India, it deals with all types of cybercrimes.

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