Fife Council bets on TotalMobile mobile working solution

Soma Tah
New Update

BELFAST, UK: Fife Council is on target to realise efficiencies of 20M pounds, after implementing a mobile working solution from TotalMobile.


Scotland's third-largest local authority is three years into a five year programme intended to increase efficiency and improve service delivery. TotalMobile was purchased at an enterprise level and is being implemented on a department by department basis, which Fife Council decided would yield the best return.

It is currently deployed by the Building Services department within Fife Council, with a staged roll-out across the rest of the council to follow, including Housing and Neighbourhood and Streets, Parks and Open Spaces.

Linda Robertson, programme manager for mobile and flexible working at Fife Council stated: "We are facing an enormous financial challenge and mobile flexible working is one of the key enablers in keeping us on target, but this has also entailed changing the way we all work. We have to give staff the tools to do their job in a new way, enabling them to work flexibly and remotely but at the same time delivering an improved service to the people of Fife."

After a procurement process that involved Vodafone, roll-out began in 2011 with the Building Services department. This realised an immediate return in efficiency, with an average of 22 per cent increased productivity from each employee in scope, and a consequent increase in the number of jobs carried out each day. Back office information is automatically updated via an employee's device, meaning there is also a huge saving on paperwork and administration.

TotalMobile works with more than 50 local councils across England, Wales and Scotland, delivering its TotalMobile App Platform which allows council employees to mobile work more effectively and deliver better services. TotalMobile App Platform has one simple-to-use interface that simplifies the ways in which mobile workers can access and use information and means they can work on any device - a smartphone, tablet or laptop - and any operating system.