Few effective mobile marketing tips for small biz

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Barbara Watson

There are no signs of mobile use slowing down any time in the future. The number of people using smartphones since 2012 was in excess of 1 billion according to Strategy Analytics. You need a good improvement of your site in order to ensure that your users access the site on their mobile devices.

For small businesses, it may be difficult to make these changes with the constant change in technology. But here are some simple and effective mobile marketing tips that will improve visibility of their sites on mobile gadgets.

Asses the readiness for your site required regarding mobile marketing
It is important to consider the readiness of your site for mobile marketing. Also ensure that you have clear objectives for mobile marketing campaigns including the results you intend to achieve.

Ensure mobile version that you launch for your website is friendly in terms of use
Mobile surfers are really demanding. As such, if your site is not well optimized for the mobile devices that your clients use, then they may choose to leave. If your website is well tailored, any person using the site with a tablet or iPhone will have no problem. Limit data entry so that  hurried users are not frustrated and the pages load fast. Use sign up forms in order to provide users with the option of getting text messages.

Every page that is large or small should have a user response design
This current mobile trend allows your site to be viewed from all devices and adjust your site in terms of layout as well as content. Additionally, check the screen types in the market that various mobile device surfers use. Responsive design also saves time for the marketers in today’s Web Design market.

Your mobile site should be easy in terms of navigation and simple
Use simple apps to target mobile users and add on call to action in your site, which are easy to use. If you are directing your users for your mobile marketing using an app, ensure that the app is simple. By adding apps such as instagram, your efforts are straight-forward and task-driven.

Simple apps tend to be easy to operate and equally simple to build. They are also simple in terms of navigation. For instance, you may lose a potential client in case the app you place in your site takes more than 3 seconds to download. It is important to use creative assets in mobile marketing that are mobile friendly.

Use text message marketing in a smart way
The text messages you send in you mobile marketing campaign need to offer something that is worthy of personal interruption. There was a research done by mShopper.com that reveals that mobile subscribers normally respond best to those specials that normally have a limited-quantity phrase. For example, you may want to use phrases such as “Only 20 left” or “24hours only” in order to grab your client’s attention.

In addition, you need to use helpful tips to your clients that show that you want to give them new information. Phrases like “watch this video” or “we have a new product launched just for you” will grab the attention of your clients. Such phrases have been shown to make mobile marketing campaigns successful.

You need to be careful regarding the frequency of your advertisements. Mobile marketers who are smart use a sign-up category known as daily or weekly specials. This helps the client decide how often they wish to get the said message alerts.

Ensure you monitor the clicks on the ads as well as the unsubscribe rate. If you were first sending the messages twice a month, the clicks and unsubscribe rates will show you how to go about increasing this to weekly messages.

In addition, provide surveys for the marketing campaigns in order to ensure that you get feedback from your clients. This will provide useful information on how to go about improving your marketing campaign. As a smart mobile marketer, you know that the opinion of the client is what gives you results as well as subsequent direction.

The author is a consultant in mobile marketing and web design campaigns.

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