Facebook rolls out redesigned version of Trending Topics for iOS

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Last year, Facebook received a lot of criticism for promoting biased and fake news. After spending more than a year to improve its algorithm, Facebook has finally unveiled a redesigned version of its "Trending Topics" section to give users a variety of sources on important news events rendering it bias-free.


The updated version of “Trending” section will simply show “some of the most popular stories about that topic on Facebook,” the company’s blog post reads. These trending topics may vary for every individual based on pages you like, visit regularly, or your location.

"You've always been able to click on a topic to see related posts and stories, but we've redesigned the page to make it easier to discover other publications that are covering the story, as well as what your friends and public figures are saying about it," the company added.

CIOL Facebook rolls out a redesigned version of Trending Topics for iPhone users


The update is currently available only for iPhone users, and the company plans to roll it out to Android and desktop soon.

The social network says that "people will feel more informed about the news in their region," as now when they click on a Trending topic, they will have a 'carousel' with stories from different websites.

According to the Facebook stories are determined the same way as the featured headline — using a combination of factors including the engagement around the article on Facebook, the engagement around the publisher overall, and whether other articles are linking to it.”

Meanwhile, the networking giant has also been curating a new top list of stories that displays the three most talked-about stories in your geographical region right in the News Feed. Though this feature is currently under testing phase, Facebook hopes that it will help them to learn how to make Trending as useful and informative for people as possible.