Facebook makes it easier to contact government representatives

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Now if you want to convey some message to our PM Narendra Modi, or for that matter, to his rival, Arvind Kejriwal, you simply need to visit your Facebook page.


Yes, Facebook has launched a new feature allowing users to 'express their political views' and involve the government officials directly in their post.

In the “Compose” window that pops up while writing a post, there’s now a new option that lets users search for and add representatives’ information to the post.

However, be informed, that the latest feature does not tag government officials or alert them to your post, according to TechCrunch report. "But it makes reaching out to your rep via Facebook only a click away, by attaching their names, titles and a contact button on your Facebook post," the report said.


The report also quoted Facebook spokesperson saying, “This feature makes it easier for people with common interests to share their views with their elected representatives.”

The latest feature, which makes Facebook an open forum is an extension of the Facebook’s Town Hall feature. Launched to all U.S. users in March, Town Hall feature makes it easier for concerned citizens to contact and keep in touch with different levels of bureaucrats and elected representatives.

The feature, which is available on both web and mobile, can be deployed by individual Facebook users as well as page owners. So you can soon expect some interesting discussion or argument threads pop up on your Facebook wall.

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