Extreme Startups evolves into three integrated programs

New Update

TORONTO, CANADA & NEW YORK, USA: In July 2013, Marcus Daniels, a digital product entrepreneur, investor and eLearning veteran, became new managing director at Extreme Startups, a leading startup tech accelerator headquartered in Toronto.


In New York, he announced the organization's market-driven evolution from a singular 12-week cohort program to three integrated programs centered around an innovative new founder development curriculum.

"The accelerator model is at a critical inflection point as the market is now flooded with hundreds of programs that graduate founders that are not VC fundable," says Daniels. "We believe our new integrated three-program approach, which is firmly rooted in advanced digital product management training, will result in more startups securing institutional seed capital."

The new programs, which allow for both continuous and multi-entry points, are:


Founders Academy - Mentor-driven product leadership curriculum for founders working on early stage ideas.

Venture Advisory track - High potential startups competing to get funded.

Advanced Cohort track - Funded startups that focus on optimizing product-market fit within a 16-week program.