Extreme to deliver 10G network solutions

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Explosive bandwidth requirements from server virtualization and data center consolidation is driving demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Extreme Networks, Inc. has responded with powerful 10GBASE-T network solutions that increase flexibility for customers while reducing costs.


Extreme Networks is the first to deliver 10GBASE-T support with its powerful Summit® X650 Top-of-Rack data center switch. Extreme Networks enables a complete 10GBASE-T ecosystem, from high performance server adapters to switches.  These proven solutions give customers the widest choice of copper or fiber connections for their high performance networks and servers based on their data center configuration, allowing for a smooth and economical migration from gigabit to 10 gigabit. 

Despite the growth in bandwidth demand, adoption of 10GBASE-T has been slowed by a lack of infrastructure support. With high performance Ethernet switches from Extreme Networks and server adapters from Intel now tested and available, IT departments can deploy this reliable, cost-effective 10GbE technology in their data center networks. The 10GBASE-T products from Extreme Networks and Intel were validated to ensure product interoperability. 

“To ensure the most economical choices for the data center Extreme Networks is supporting the widest range of interface choices,” said Harpreet Chadha, senior director of product management for Extreme Networks.  “Having a complete set of components in our technology evaluation program, including Intel’s 10GBASE-T server adapters to leverage widely deployed RJ45 connectivity, provides the tested performance and a smooth upgrade that customers consider critical.”

“Availability of 10GBASE-T switches and high performance servers and adapters is a key milestone for the networking industry,” said Alan Weckel, director for the Dell’Oro Group. “The movement by vendors to bring these products to market helps accelerate the deployment of 10 gigabit technology while lowering costs.”

“Datacenters are transitioning to 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology to meet the explosive data requirements of today’s networks,” said Steve Schultz, director of marketing for Intel’s LAN Access Division. “Thanks to the low cost and the broad deployment of copper in the datacenter, we believe 10GBASE-T will help accelerate the adoption of 10GbE. 10GBASE-T is available today in adapters and will quickly migrate to be the standard connection on the motherboard.”