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Are you a Wikipedia buff? A person who loves to gather new information and gets excited over new forms of knowledge. Then, Wikiverse is a whole new universe for you to experience. It is a web-based interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia.

It is developed by Owen Cornec, a Harvard data visualization engineer. The site pulls about 250,000 articles from Wikipedia and creates a massive web that connects the articles through related content and information overlap between each article.

The website calls itself a galactic reimagination of Wikipedia and the information on the web.

This 3D visualization of Wikipedia, displays the encyclopedia of the internet as a web of information. The Next Web mentioned in an article, “turning it into a marvelous galaxy of knowledge you can conveniently explore with your mouse.”

Once you log onto the website, it welcomes you with three options, each varying as per different CPU and load-time implications. First option being, “Light,” with 50,000 articles, which is about 1 percent of Wikipedia; second option “Medium,” with 100,000 articles which is about 2 percent of Wikipedia; and third and final option “Complete,” with 250,000 articles, 5 percent of Wikipedia.

Considering the vast almost universe like a web of data on Wikipedia it is highly difficult to accommodate articles on Wikiverse, but Cornec managed to include top categories, super-domains, and the top 25 articles of the week.


Once you select any of the three options the “Wikiverse” is generated.  You then experience a draggable 3D web of articles, reminiscent of a space travel. You can then feel the galactical forces come alive and explore the world of knowledge. When you click on, an excerpt of the article comes up in the left pane. Another menu on the right pane lets you view history or see the top 25 articles; it also allows you to go into fullscreen mode, and more.

If you love The Wikipedia Game you will have a gala time exploring, dragging your way through stars to reach their desired encyclopedia entry. Overall the experience is extraordinary, the feel and experience of “universe” is truly amazing.

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