Expect 5G Enabled Smartphone Next Year

4G experience is great, but be ready to the much greater and faster network 5G soon. MediaTek, a leader in mobile smartphone chipset manufacturer

Ashok Pandey
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5G Deployments Advancing Rapidly

4G experience is great, but be ready to the much faster network, 5G, soon. MediaTek, a leader in mobile smartphone chipset manufacturer, is all set to bring its 5G enabled mobile devices. Woke to Anku Jain, MD, MediaTek India to know about the development.


What about 5G infra and development in India?

In the Indian Mobile Congress, we actually saw a lot of focus on 5G from various players and it was very heartening to know that the Indian Government is also giving a big push for 5G because I think 5G is inevitable and it will happen given the Indian opportunity, you are right that it will take some time to infrastructure to develop for 5G in India but definitely the initial building blocks are already there and of course we are ready to play its part.

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For e.g. we have already announced M70 chip earlier this year that is something which is a 5G chip and we have partnered with companies like China Mobile, Huawei, Nokia and Rohde & Schwarz. So these are the companies we have been working with and already were are doing the testing and this something which would be ready by next year. For Indian scenario, definitely we will be ready by the time India rules out the 5G commercial action plans and we are really bullish about that and hopefully, we will a big role in Digital India.

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When we can expect 5G chipset from MediaTek?

Right now we are working on the M70 chip which will be launched next year, that is something on which we are working on very efficiently on that. That will be coming up next year.

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