Expect 2.8 million jobs in India in next 10 years through AI, IoT: BIF Report

BIF report said that about 2.8 million jobs will be created in next 8 to 10 years through AI and IoT - AI and IoT won’t kill jobs.

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BIF report - jobs through AI and IoT

BIF recently share a report about job creation in India where it stated to create 2.8 million jobs through AI and IoT. Earlier also, we talked about the fear of losing jobs because of innovative technologies including AI and IoT, where industry experts said, AI won’t kill jobs.


The BIF report talks about various sectors in which nearly 2 million jobs will be created in the agri-tech sector.

In rural India, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based applications will create more than 28 lakh jobs in next 8 to 10 years with an annual value of Rs 60,000 crore, a study by Broadband India Forum (BIF) has shown.

According to the report, out of the 28 lakh jobs, about 21 lakh jobs will be for the agriculture sector and the rest 7 lakh jobs in the rural healthcare sector. BIF in consultation with the Electronics Skill Council of India, the Agriculture Skill Council and the Healthcare Sector Skill Council stated: "these jobs will be created over next 8-10 years and the pace and quantity of job creation is likely to further increase post 2021-22 once 5G technology is implemented".


Also, the report highlighted that the following key applications would transform the sector:

# Satellite mapping

# Electronic market place

# Livestock traceability

# Climate sensing stations

# Product traceability

# Agriculture drones

The report says, "These applications will help create smart farms and will bring lot more predictability in agriculture output which in turn will help improve incomes and lives of farmers".

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