Exotel’s Lead Assist gets a patent granted for its path-breaking technology: now Marketplaces will have an upper edge

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Lead Assist allows effective management for marketplaces to connect with their vendors and buyers

Exotel announced a patent grant for one of their path-breaking products – Lead Assist. The product is the most effective management tool for marketplaces to connect their vendors and buyers together in a seamless manner. With the aim to provide the best customer experience in the market, Exotel’s new product has made it easier for brands to connect their vendors through Exophones, in turn enabling them to stay on, without leaving the platform.

Significant reduction in cost due to optimal utilisation of Virtual numbers

The most unique feature of this patented solution is the ability to scale using only a limited pool of virtual numbers. This has two advantages: one that the cost comes down considerably, and second that since VNs are a scarce commodity, by using a limited pool, Exotel eliminates the roadblocks in scaling.

Leading the way to a secure and connected marketplace

The online marketplace industry is thriving big time, with big and small players indulging in technological advances to up their game.

Lead Assist allows a holistic cycle for the brand so that the customer experience remains at an all-time high. Through the product, any customer who places their order for goods or services is allocated a VN using Exotel’s allocation API. Through this VN the customer and vendor can communicate during the transaction period, without either of them revealing their personal numbers, in turn, ensuring privacy and security of both the users. Once the communication ends, the VN is deallocated from both the parties and is utilized for another transaction.

Lead Assist + Heartbeat API = Superior uptimes

Using our Heartbeat API feature that checks the uptimes of virtual numbers, we ensure that the pool of allocated virtual numbers for any business has only functional and healthy numbers. This brings a promise of superior uptimes as well.

Commenting on the launch, Shivakumar Ganesan, CEO & Founder, Exotel said, “We realised that marketplaces faced a huge challenge – keeping the conversation confined to the platform. , Exotel’s Lead Assist product solves this by ensuring that the conversation stays on the platform. We have already seen some great results, and by being granted a patent for this, are hopeful that this technology will help garner customer insights which will become the backbone of meaningful conversations.”

Effective lead management for business impact

Lead Assist not just holds the entire communication on its platform, but also ensures that there is proof of the connection and conversation. This is a huge factor which allows a simpler monetisation process for marketplaces and avoids any kind of disputes. Further, these connections also help in analysing patterns and insights into how consumers converse in marketplaces. For e.g. the duration for which they stay on a single call, the number of vendors they interact with before purchasing the final service, etc.

With data and security being the topmost priority for any brand, Exotel’s Lead Assist supports them in securing the privacy of their users. Lead Assist protects the phone numbers of both the parties (buyers and sellers) by not revealing them during the call so that users can feel protected, without having to worry about their numbers going to multiple vendors.

Exotel has been at the forefront of providing continuous innovation to the cloud telephony industry. With its recent launches of revolutionary products such as Heartbeat API which monitors the health of customer’s telephony, the company is striving its pathway to become the market leader in this space. Lead Assist is one such step which allows Exotel’s customers to be in control of conversations.

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