Ex-Microsoft exec Sukhesh Madaan launches Envent

CIOL Bureau
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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Sukhesh Madaan, an IT and telecom industry veteran, embarks the journey of entrepreneurship with the launch of Envent, a consumer digital brand. Envent will manufacture and distribute innovative IT peripherals, Telecom Accessories and consumer digital products. 


Sukhesh Madaan has an extensive experience of 17 years in the industry. He has worked across organizations like Intel, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson and Hip Street.

With a team of 10 full time employees across India, China and Srilanka the organization is expected to add 25 shared resources by the end of this month.

Envent aims to fulfill the vacant space of an Indian Premium brand, which really understands Indian consumer needs and develop products accordingly.


Sukhesh Madaan plans to take the normal distribution route and also will be present in the LFRs and online websites. His target customers will be every individual who has access to PCs or Smartphones.

Envent also has some exciting products for kids and hence in terms of age group it varies from 5 to 50.  It's most exciting products include ergonomically designed keyboards, colorful range of notebook mouse, wooden speakers in IT and Apple and Samsung smartphone accessories in Telecom.

''I saw a lot of gap between Indian consumer aspirations/requirements vs. what is available for them. These gaps exist both in terms of product pricing as well as quality and features. This opportunity always existed and the emerging of new product categories like tablets and smartphones provided the last impetus to switch from employee to employer'' says the founder and CEO Sukhesh Madaan.