Ex-BFL MD starts own venture, Majoris

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: B.V. Venkatesh, foremer managing director of BFL Software today announced the creation of a new company, along with five other senior officials from various software companies. The new company, named Majoris Systems Pvt. Ltd., will offer software development services and customer relationship management in the areas of e-commerce, data mining and data warehousing.


According to Mr Venkatesh Majoris has an initial capital of Rs 17.5 crore. It will focus on the domains of telecom, healthcare, financial services and banking and supply chain management. He said that the company plans to have revenues of Rs 70 crore with a staff strength of 450 in the next three years.

The initial funding has been through the promoters and private angel investors, among whom is the Bhansali family of Enam Consultants. However, the promoters have the majority stake. Apart from Mr Venkatesh, other founders are Mr Sadhasivam, former Wipro chief operating officer, Mr Rama Kumble, formerly of NEC, Australia, Mr Agiwal, Mrs Sujata Balakrishnan, Mr Nagabushan, all ex-BF Software officials.

The company will be headquartered in Bangalore, where it will also have its developement centre. It plans to open its marketing offices in US, Europe (UK) and Australia. In three years time, it will have 10 offices around the world. The new company plans to start its operations in the next three weeks.