Advertisment shines light on Android contacts

New Update

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL:, a pioneer in the contextual phone space, makes its Android product even more effortless by boosting contacts with one-tap search and ‘home-marking'.


The latest release of's version on Android, released December 8th 2013, brings powerful yet intuitive contact search right into the Everything Bar at the top of the home-screen.

No more long and cumbersome searches for the right contacts. With this latest version, all a user needs to do is type a letter or two, and - via its contextual algorithms - understands which particular contact is being sought out, and delivers its details right on the home-screen, ready to be called, emailed or messaged.

If a person is frequently contacted (or is simply a loved one), their card can just be dragged and placed, or ‘bookmarked', right on the home-screen, now only a single tap away.