Everest brings EverestIMS 5.0 helping ISPs & Telcos to Achieve TRAI Compliance

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Everest IMS 5.0

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (Everest) provides a next-gen solution which helps customers from ISP / Telecom segments to abide by the rules and regulations laid out by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Mid of 2018, Everest has launched an upgraded version of its flagship product, Everest IMS with new and enhanced global features to 'map-manage-monitor' IT infrastructure intelligently through a unified platform. Understanding the regulations laid down by TRAI, Everest has introduced new features in IMS version 5.0 to benefit Telcos and ISPs by storing and accessing the system calls logs for extended time periods. For ISP environments, every single click by the customer is treated as a system call and is stored for maximum compliance. Whereas, in telecom environment, full call details are recorded, constructed and stored for future use. This helps service providers of any size to have full peace of mind in terms of customer system call logs as per TRAI regulations.

Everest IMS 5.0, can now also act as an efficient and scalable network traffic analysis solution in the tech market by delivering a fast reporting and rich data analysis, which is accessible from any location. This has become a boon for ISPs and Telcos to equip themselves with hassle-free monitoring and collect network traffic data flow quickly and accurately.

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