ERP enables agility in SMBs

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BANGALORE: Investing on various technologies or updating the existing IT infrastructure frequently is a pain point of any organization. With limited resources in place, it's a challenge for small and medium enterprises (SMBs) to look for a better return on investment (ROI). In this direction, implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution has been a boon for such organizations. ERP as a unified solution is generally being sought after across verticals irrespective of the size of an industry.


Deployment of ERP, as a part of business strategy not only serves the purpose of cost cutting for SMBs but also brings in scalability, operational efficiency and performance in a business.

Speaking to Ambika Prakash of CIOL, Satish Kabadi, vice president - operations, e4e tells how ERP has been looked at by SMBs and how does it helps in accelerating the business.

CIOL: Importance of ERP in SMBs?

Satish Kabadi: Traditional SMBs believed in manual processes and workflows, resulting in increased manpower and delayed output. With growing competition and changing needs of the market and customer, SMBs are forced to adapt themselves to new technological trends to meet market demands in time, which is possible only when the required technologies are there in place to support the needs of an organization. Enterprise Resource Planning enables an organization to optimally plan their resources according to changing needs and be ready for the market to earn profit. ERP enables agility within SMBs.


CIOL: How cost-effective is an ERP package for SMBs?

SK: A few years ago ERP was affordable only by large enterprises alone. Introduction of new ERP versions in the market are made available that suits all types of business including SMBs. The key point here is the way ERPs are designed, architected and implemented as an unified solution is what made more and more SMBs to deploy instead of deploying one particular solution for every need.

CIOL: What are the unique features of your ERP package?

SK: e4e is a global business services company and has built customized methodologies and frameworks to design, deploy and manage suitable ERP solutions as per customer requirements. We have built tools that give nearly 60 percent savings on upgrades. e4e has customized modules built for specific verticals including textile and healthcare. Apart from this, e4e has also packaged ERP on demand, SaaS model that enables customers to go in for ERP with as low as five users without having to worry about hardware, software, maintenance, skill set etc.

CIOL: How are Indian SMBs reacting to deploying solutions like the ERP, CRM etc.?

SK: Indian SMBs are quite receptive but typically will go in for a pilot program to test before they deploy it.