Most of the Enterprises Moving Towards Hybrid App Approach

This challenge was overcome when Hybrid app (develop once & access any device) came. This means applications can go to market faster, they can be more

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Hybrid App development

App industry has grown rapidly and opens lots of new doors of opportunities. Now it’s moving towards a new direction – hybrid. When it began, most of the developers were working towards app development focusing on the platforms, iOS, Blackberry and Android, and then they adopted native app development. This increaser efforts to create an application and impacted go-to-market time and cost.


In the current app development industry, most of the enterprises are adopting hybrid app. We talked to Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder & MD, DronaHQ, to understand the challenges and trends in the Indian industry.

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Key market trends around App development?


When enterprises started jumping on the bandwagon of creating mobile applications, they adopted the tools given by Android, iOS, Blackberry then, and started creating native applications for each platform, thereby increasing the amount of effort needed to create any application. This impacted go-to-market time cost involved, and DevOps i.e. maintaining such applications also become cumbersome.

Jinen Dedhia Co-Founder & MD DronaHQ

This challenge was overcome when Hybrid applications (develop once & access any device) came. This means applications can go to market faster, they can be more agile, they can adopt CI/CD.

The devices themselves have become more and more powerful these days, to enable last mile light-weight applications to have high performance irrespective of the fact that they are built native or not.


We are clearly seeing a trend that most of the enterprises are now marrying hybrid app approach. Also, choice of hybrid is much more rampant for B2B or B2E applications where they are giving to employees, partners, etc.

Even B2C applications are moving to hybrid apps as a choice, because they give similar experience with better ROI.

How does DronaHQ optimize operational and business processes for future growth?


DronaHQ enables organisations to have all enterprise applications under one roof to access them from mobile devices ---business processes like leave approval, travel approval, reimbursement or claims management and many more such examples.

This Single App approach drastically reduces overhead of discovering and downloading multiple apps. From development perspective for every enterprise app, there are a set of essential features like single sign-on, security layer, push notification, inbox; these are pre-built and given in DronaHQ Unified app.

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So for every app, the organization starts from a layer above this and focusses on core business functionality of app. This is the huge optimization that DronaHQ enables. DronaHQ also offers application lifecycle management tools on cloud. It impacts the enablement of application to end-users and overall DevOps. Another optimization that DronaHQ offers is whole set of ready assets like a robust content management system, visual app building tool DHQ Studio with advance templates and features, marketplace which enables absolutely fast go-to-market.

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