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BANGALORE, INDIA: A CIO is currently seen as a business-enabler and not just as a technology person. With unprecedented business growth, and IT being the key driver for it, expectations from a CIO are constantly increasing.


Infrastructure management is among the top challenges that a CIO has to face. Investing in infrastructure management is not as easy as it seems. To be able to avail the best and sustainable technology is in itself a close call as wrong moves can give any company run for the money.

Where does one draw the line? Is keeping a watch on the latest technology trends adequate? Evidently, the IT fraternity has to consistently brush up their skills to cope up with the challenges.

This special on infrastructure management, looks at the road ahead, and what can be the possible charter for CIOs.


1. Infrastructure management: Charter for CIOs

Business continuity is a very sensitive area and maintaining continuity despite problems is challenging for any CIO.

2. Infrastructure management: The road ahead

Tranforming data centres into a virtualized infrastructure by consolidating them is need of the hour.

3. Lack of visibility, a major concern

‘There is a major lack of visibility into IT electricity and facilities costs,’ Nagendra Venkaswamy says.


4. BSES' attempt towards Green IT

We are only in the initial stages of the project. But at the same time we are assured of its positive outcome, says Prasenjit Mukherjee, DGM (Head-IT infrastructure and operations), BSES.

5. Transformation: Keep it simple, but balanced

At a time when the tier II/III cities are giving a run for the crown, Bangalore still remains the undisputed IP/BPO destination in India.

6. Dynamic cooling for data centres

For every Rs. 1 spent on power, another 50 paise has to be spent on cooling.


7. Data centre: Track your greening

Track your greening, is soon going to be the standard mode of measuring efficiency of data centres.

8. Data centre: 'The inside story'

Power costs form a very large component of data center operating expenses, with those stemming from cooling and processing requirements accounting
for than half of the expenses pie.

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