Enterprise Special: Are CIOs security scapegoats?

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Today's CIOs have opportunities far beyond the hopes and dreams. More than ever before, the CIO's effectiveness will determine the destiny of any company. In today's technical landscape, information technology (IT) plays a vital role and CIO the drivers of IT are the heart n soul of any organization.


In my view, CIOs must stop being scapegoats and accept the risks that are being pushed onto them. "It isn't about demanding people to do something , it is about bringing them to a point where they are not only willing but able to do something."

This special report: Are CIOs Security Scapegoats?, carries view, reactions and suggestions on security, breach in security and its consequences. Who is responsible, if the business does not yield the desired profits?

Also, there is a bit of comparison with the other Cs: CEO, COO and CFO in any organization.


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1. A CIO becomes victim in a security crisis

Sanjeev Kumar, CIO of Philips Lighting, says if by chance anything happens related to security, it is CIO who becomes victim of the whole crisis.

2. What should a CIO expect for a security breach?

Chandan Sinha, CIO of Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd (GHCL), says probably his job but can this be made a ‘Rule’, without understanding the ground realities actually practiced in most organizations? other C’s like CEO, COO and CFO can highlight a perspective.


3. Who owns information security in an enterprise?

Ajay K. Dhir, CIO of Jindal Stainless Ltd, says as it is well known Information Security is the concern of all the stakeholders in the enterprise.

4. Who is responsible for breach in security?

S.P. Mohanty, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Department at The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd, asks who else other than a CIO can be held accountable when valuable information assets are leaked?

5. Is information security important to your enterprise?

Arun Gupta, Customer Care Associate & CTO of Shoppers Stop Ltd, asks does the responsibility for protection of information remains relegated to the IT organization or the CIO at best.


6. Is securing information a major challenge?

Lt Col (Retd) Shankar Gurkha, Chief Manager IT of Gujarat Industries Power Co. Ltd, says that the recent popularization of virtualized environments adds a new layer of complexity to the security picture.

7. Security needs a holistic approach

V.S. Manikkam, Head IT of Converter Belts & Chemicals, says today an appropriate approach to security can have a benefit for the organization as a whole.

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