Enough space among ERP Biggies

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Tell us something about your company and what’s its action terrain like?

We are headquartered in Raleigh, NC, United States of America and iCool Technologies has offices and development centers in Pune. Our forte is around the management of the Product Development Cycle, and provide software and processing solutions across verticals of sectors such as Automotive Sales and Marketing, Fleet Management, Pharmaceuticals, ERP for small specialized companies as well as Hospitality.

You also have interests in the ERP space? Isn’t the market already crowded, specially with the Who’s Who of the industry?
Yes, our aspirations are high, and we are taking smaller steps. In verticals like Automotives specially, we have a deep knowledge base. We definitely do not want to be a me-too name, but something that the industry really needs.

So there is enough room among the biggies?
We would rather build an add-on that will service the customer well rather than challenging the market leaders in other spaces. There’s lot that stays unaddressed, from customization to special vector needs to niche areas. We are very confident and ambitious.

The company also has a different approach with templates and agile genre of development?

Yes. We have a template based approach to implement processes in rapid product life cycles, in multiple products and components such as Automotive Sales and Marketing, Fleet Management, Pharmaceuticals, ERP for small specialized companies and Hospitality. Since the product development life cycle is highly dynamic and time to market is increasingly becoming shorter, mechanisms like agile development and the iterative models form the essential component in product engineering services.

Focus remains on making the design simple and using processes and tools to reduce risks. Review or reflection meetings are carried out after every-iteration. Defect tracking, Log estimates and track progress against the Iteration goals/plan are also put in place.

How has the initial direction of the company been so far, and what’s outlined for imminent future?

We have bagged 20 per cent growth rate in 2009 that was the first year. We have developed one online product called iCool TouchPoint-which helps clients to reach there target audience via emails, voice broadcast. They can also do online surveys among there customers using our online product. This will be the exclusive digital communication platform for the Democratic Party of St Louis, Missouri, USA. It allows communicators to message via email, text, Voice Broadcast, Social media sites, Microsites all from one engine with a feedback loop that tells the user in real time the preferred channel of the recipient.
Next we have identified some players with synergistic elements for partnerships.




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