Endurance International Group expands in India and beyond

Sharath Kumar
New Update

MUMBAI, INDIA: Endurance International Group has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the web presence business of Directi, which operates India's leading domain registration business. The acquisition of Directi includes B2B brands ResellerClub, LogicBoxes and as well as successful web presence brand BigRock.


Endurance pursued the acquisition because of the strong track record Directi has of developing demand for domain sales and web presence solutions in emerging markets. The acquisition allows Endurance to "double down" its investment in emerging markets and to bring the power and the promise of the web to small businesses around the world. Says Endurance CEO Hari Ravichandran, "We are very pleased to welcome Directi to the Endurance family. We believe this acquisition represents an excellent opportunity for Endurance to expand its footprint and positions us for further growth."

Additionally, Endurance was impressed with the strength of Directi's management team, led by CEO Bhavin Turakhia. Mr. Turakhia has agreed to be closely involved in the integration of the two companies.

Ravichandran commented, "The more we learned about Directi, the more impressed we became. Their approach to recruitment is highly selective, particularly for developers and is similar to that of major sports figures here in the United States. They have managed to build a blue chip organization without losing their entrepreneurial spirit. And in fact, the Endurance team intends to learn from Directi's approach to developing new markets." Mr. Turakhia concurs, saying "Our interactions with Hari and the leadership team at Endurance helped us realize that our collective strengths across brands, geographies, teams, and products were significant. Also, we felt confident that the DNA of our organizations was a great match, which was very important to me personally as Directi's founder."