Elon Musk is waiting for Godot! Are you?

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No, we did not miss the word ‘watching’ in our headline and neither has Space X’ boss suddenly become a theatre enthusiast. When Space X unveiled its first ‘boring’ machine (pun absolutely unintended), Musk thought that he needed to name his ‘gigantic’ baby. Well, he has one now and it’s as curious as the man himself- Godot.

Yes, Godot it is, inspired by the 1953 avant-garde play Waiting for Godot.

‘Still’ Waiting for Godot!

CIOL Elon Musk is waiting for Godot! Are you?

Honestly, we love the name. After all, it is one of the seminal literary text of 20th century based on the existential crisis in the post-world war era. While in the play, the two protagonists- Vladimir and Estragon are seemingly waiting for someone called Godot (maybe God) who never arrives, we wonder what exactly is Musk waiting for?

Theory 1

Musk’s ‘The Boring Company‘ aims to create a network of underground tunnels that will redefine how we commute in the future. But that is the plan, not the reality as of now.

CIOL Elon Musk is waiting for Godot! Are you?

His first tunnelling machine could already be feeling bored or in an existential crisis because the only digging that it is allowed to do is in the SpaceX parking lot. We understand how you must be feeling, Godot!

The wait could actually be for all the state permissions and consent from authorities that will set the machine in motion by deciding when and where it operates.

Theory 2

CIOL Elon Musk is waiting for Godot! Are you?

Well, Musk’s waiting could also be about the never-ending dreams and aspirations of the man himself. From Space X to Tesla to The Boring Company, there appears to be so much on Musk’s brows but maybe it isn’t all that. The technocrat’s aiming for something much larger- The elusive technology aka Godot may be!

Whatever it be, Musk surely has set the ball rolling for literature geeks to lend a helping hand for naming his machines after poems and plays.

CIOL Suggestions

Sir, we have some suggestions too, take them ‘As You Like It‘; Highway Man, Slouching toward Nirwana, may be Ghashiram Kotwal or else All is Well that Ends Well.

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