Elegant MicroWeb unveils ElegantJ Beans

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AHMEDABAD, INDIA: Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) is not a new concept, but more recent technological advances in SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) have surely opened a new spectrum of opportunities for CBSE. Today, applications are often developed with component-based model simplifying the application development.


Over the years, Java has been polished, advanced, and proven by millions of software developers. Java technology has become robust and mature allowing developers to build platform-independent applications. Today, the rising tide in the Java-based applications span over a simple handheld cell phone to enterprise level business solutions. This has given rise to increasing demand of off-the-shelf components to be integrated with applications.

Sensing the future of CBSE model and Java technology in mind, Elegant MicroWeb has developed the largest collection of JavaBeans, ElegantJ Beans, the complete JavaBeansTM component collection.

ElegantJBeans offers a range of beans that include Printer, Entry Mask, Data Tree, Data Tables, Networking with immense features in version 1.1. ElegantJBeans is developed for Java professionals without platform constraint and can be used with J2SE, J2EE, JAVA applications and JAVA applets.



ElegantJBeans general features:

  • Highly Portable
  • Integrates with all major IDEs
  • Seamless connectivity with Databases and other Data sources
  • Platform Independent

“Developer friendly APIs, compatibility & interoperability with other systems and platforms are the most important success factors for any Java Beans component,” said Mr. Kartik Patel, CEO, Elegant MicroWeb.

He added ”Unfortunately few Java vendors keep an eye for developer friendly API and the needs of clients with different Java architecture. As a consequence, this user segment does not reach the java vendors offerings. By offering highly flexible and platform independent Java Beans, Elegant MicroWeb makes Java Beans available to users with different Java architecture. Worldwide, over 15,000 users have evaluated and leading companies like IBM, HP, Unisys, Honeywell, etc. are using ElegantJBeans successfully to serve their customer base."

ElegantJBeans offers extensive resources in terms of documentation with programmers’ guide and installation procedures, as well as APIs. Pre-sales support is available to help you choose the right product for your products/services and evaluate the product effectiveness.