Electric Cars Won't Be Successful, Unless They Improve Battery Range And Price: Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was in a conversation with Marques Brownlee discussed if electric cars can become the advent of sustainable transport.

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Bill Gates

Recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was in a conversation with popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee AKA MKBHD. They were in discussion of making the world a better place and if electric vehicles can become the advent of sustainable transport, its price, etc.


Bill gates responded that even though a premium exists today, over the next decade this premium would come down to zero -- even with a slightly less range than we want from electric cars. He expressed his hope for the passenger cars to do better in comparison to all other sectors.

He also mentioned that "I just got a Porsche Taycan, which is an electric car – and I have to say, I mean, it's a premium price car, but it's very, very cool. That's my first electric car, and I'm enjoying it a lot."

Further he replied to a question asked by Marques about the experience of the electric cars apart from getting the price down. Bill said, “The range. If you want to go long-distance, the pervasiveness of recharging, the time to recharge, compared to filling up a tank of gas. The amount of energy that's going in per minute of filling your gas tank is kind of mindblowing," Gates continued. "Gasoline is very dense energy – 30 times more dense than the current lithium battery."